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1920s photograph of unnamed student posing in his Peabody letter sweater in the field.

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1931 photograph of four female students sitting outside.

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Alan Krantz Collection033.jpg
c. 1980 photograph of P.E. students outside with teacher. One student is kicking a ball.

Alan Krantz Collection030.jpg
c. 1979 photograph of Mrs. Dickinson leading lower school students out of PDS building. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81).

Alan Krantz Collection027.jpg
c. 1980 photograph of a male and female student sitting on a bench in the school. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81).

Alan Krantz Collection031.jpg
c. 1980 photograph of 4 lower school students eating lunch, wearing pilgrim costume. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81).

Jack Gayden Collection035.jpg
Photograph of 2 PDS basketball players standing, demonstrating height difference. Taller player holding basketball.

Jack Gayden Collection023.jpg
Photograph of PDS basketball team in play in unknown gym.

Jack Gayden Collection005.jpg
Photograph of 2 PDS basketball players with coach, Dan Finch, one player (Jack Gayden '62) having ankle wrapped. Photo courtesy of Jack Gayden ('62).

Jack Gayden Collection004.jpg
Photograph of PDS basketball player Jack Gayden ('62) jumping for a ball during play. Photo courtesy of Jack Gayden ('62)
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