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1935 Le Bruit V1i3 - Full Text.pdf
February 1935 issue of Le Bruit - a school magazine written and published by The French Club of Peabody Demonstration School.

1930s photograph of students studying in Peabody Demonstration School's Payne Library.

1936 photograph of the annual Christmas Carol Service in the PDS auditorium.

1936 photograph of the Tennis Club posed with tennis racquets outside the Peabody Demonstration School building.

1938 photograph of the entire elementary school (grades 1 - 6) of Peabody Demonstration School, taken on the front steps of the PDS building.

1938 photograph of female student diving into pool at Peabody Demonstration School. Students stand and sit at edge of pool watching.

1930s photograph of 5th grade students posed outside at the old playground at 21st Ave + Edgehill, in costumes for their Garden Pageant.

1932 Junior English Club.jpg
Photograph of the 1931-1932 Junior English Club, as seen in the 1932 Volunteer.

1932 Salmagundi Club.jpg
Photograph of the 1931-1932 Salmagundi Club, a high school club with an interest in promoting good literature. As seen in the 1932 Volunteer.

1938 photograph of the members of the Senior Hi-Y Club. As seen in the 1938 Volunteer.
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