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1951 PDS Nursery School Greeting Card.pdf
1951 PDS nursery school holiday greeting card. (Names written on back - click image to see all.)

Marshall Frazer Collection_032.jpg
Photograph of 2 male PDS students relaxing at 8th grade class party in Horn Springs in 1951.

Marshall Frazer Collection_030.jpg
Photograph of male PDS student at 8th Grade Class Party in Horn Springs, 1951

Marshall Frazer Collection_024.jpg
Photograph of male student standing on steps outside Peabody Demonstration School in 1951.

1951 December Volunteer.pdf
December 1951 (Volume 1, Number 2 edition) of student newspaper The Volunteer.

1951 November Volunteer.pdf
November 1951 (Volume 1, Number 1) premiere issue of the Volunteer as a high school student newspaper.

Photograph of four female students in action during a home economics class.

June 1951 photograph of lower school teachers, including George Passehl (4th grade), Alice Tubb (librarian), Lucille Bovet (1st grade), Marjorie Book (5th grade), Virginia Robinson (3rd grade), Nell Parkinson (2nd grade) and Barbara Carnes (6th…

1951 Tennessean Football Ends.JPG
1951 Tennessean newspaper clipping in scrapbook of unknown collector regarding the end of football at Peabody Demonstration School.
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