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1920 Volunteer 025.jpg
Snapshots of PDS football players from 1920 Volunteer

1944 photograph of boys intramural football team.

Undated photograph of young boys in starting formation playing football on the back lawn of Peabody Demonstration School.

Marshall Frazer Collection_004.jpg
Photograph of homecoming court

Marshall Frazer Collection_002.jpg
Photograph of football player kissing a young woman.

1950 Homecoming Game Brochure.pdf
1950 brochure for homecoming game: PDS vs. Duncan

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Posed photograph of PDS 1945-1946 football team, Coach Bridges stands to the left.

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c. 1950s photograph of football game being played on PDS grounds.

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Massie 1945 Football Letter.JPG
1945 football letter, donated by Robert Massie ('46).

c. 1930 photograph of unnamed male in Peabody football letter sweater.
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