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1972 photograph of four students having a "chicken fight" on front lawn of Peabody Demonstration School.

1972 candid photograph of three students on Magnolia Lawn / Peabody Green.

1947 photograph of two students walking along path outside front of Peabody Demonstration School building.

c. 1940s photograph of three female students playing catch on Peabody Green.

c. 1950 photograph of lower school students and teachers gathered at front of building, some wearing signs around their necks.

1975 YB_177.jpg
1975 photograph of middle school students standing outside building.

1975 YB_017.jpg
1975 photograph of two female students posing with hands and feet together on the bleachers in Cheek Gym.

1975 YB_006.jpg
1975 photograph of male student behind main building taking a photograph.

1953 photograph of female students outside main building on steps.

1973 photograph of co-ed student group standing
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