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The Past is Prologue


Over the course of the 1969-1970 school year, seniors in a newly added elective course undertook an ambitious task: creating a historical record of the Demonstration School's first 55 years. The name of the course was "American Problems," and the instructor was history teacher Leland R. Johnson. Take a look through some book excerpts, photographs, and documents related to the publication of The Past is Prologue: Peabody Demonstration School 1915-1970. 


Yearbooks Through the Years: 1920-1980

yearbooks cover page.jpeg

The Volunteer has gone digital! USN Archives has begun digitizing yearbooks from our earliest years. Explore yearbooks from each decade from 1920 through 1980. 


History of Student Clubs & Organizations

1920 Volunteer_037.jpg

At USN, extracurricular clubs and student organizations serve as an expression of student interests, leadership, and creativity. This tradition of student-led clubs reaches all the way back to our earliest years as Peabody Demonstration School. Take a look through the archives to explore the roots of this strong tradition from 1920 up until the 1980s. 


Peabody Demonstration School: The 1940s


Take a look through photos and memorabilia from our archives depicting life at Peabody Demonstration School in the 1940s.

Our Campus Through the Years

Pre-1920s Architectural Drawing.jpg

Take a look at the history of our campus, from the main building construction in the early 1920s to the present-day Centennial Project improvements.