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History of Student Clubs & Organizations

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At USN, extracurricular clubs and student organizations serve as an expression of student interests, leadership, and creativity. This tradition of student-led clubs reaches all the way back to our earliest years as Peabody Demonstration School. Take a look through the archives to explore the roots of this strong tradition from 1920 up until the 1980s. 


Peabody Demonstration School: The 1940s


Take a look through photos and memorabilia from our archives depicting life at Peabody Demonstration School in the 1940s.

Our Campus Through the Years

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Take a look at the history of our campus, from the main building construction in the early 1920s to the present-day Centennial Project improvements.

PDS Seventh Grade at Peabody's H. G. Hill Camp

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, PDS seventh graders spent two weeks in April at the H. G. Hill Camp near the Harpeth River in Cheatham County.  The program was coordinated in large part by R. T. DeWitt, PDS Phyiscal Education teacher.  Students were encouraged to participate in many different activities and programs that offered a broad range of exposure to outdoor education.    

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