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1954 Banner - Fire.jpeg
June 15 1954 clipping from the Nashville Banner (afternoon newspaper in Nashville at the time), reporting the news of the PDS fire in the auditorium. 

Photograph of 1954 Record & Dance club, from the 1954 Volunteer.

June 1954 photograph of front steps of PDS building after fire, hose trailing down the steps.

1954 - PDS Sophmore Class 01.jpg
1954 photograph of sophomore class of PDS on roof terrace.

46 PDS circa 1955 fire damage (35mm).jpg
1954 photograph of interior of auditorium after fire damage.

1954 photograph of three female students standing amid fire damage and debris at PDS building.

1954 photograph of debris spilling out of side entrance of PDS building after the fire.

1954 photograph of the exterior of the back of the building, showing fire damage to the auditorium.

GHBoys Memphis 8_54.jpg
The Green Hill Boys on stage at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis in August 1954. According to Charlie Smith, "This was the night that the young local truck driver came to promote his new record on Sun Records called 'That's Alright, Mama.' He had…
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