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1930s photograph of 5th grade students posed outside at the old playground at 21st Ave + Edgehill, in costumes for their Garden Pageant.

1945 photograph of middle school female students sitting at pianos on stage in the PDS auditorium during a piano recital.

c. 1940s photograph of middle school students holding hands and walking in a circle on PDS tennis courts on 21st Avenue.

Photograph of the 1969 Junior High Orchestra, scanned from the 1969 Volunteer.

1975 YB_177.jpg
1975 photograph of middle school students standing outside building.

1932 Reading Declamation Contest Program.jpg
Program from PDS 6th - 8th grade Reading and Declamation Contest on May 26, 1932,.

Students dressed in animal print primitive dress for play about cave people. Students from Class of 1941.

Boy and girl outside dressed in royal costume

Girl in royal costume standing outside in field.

Cast on stage for performance. Gingerbread house in the background with a boy and girl appearing dead in front with another boy laying flowers on the children. There is a witch in the background and some angels.
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