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1967 SAC.jpg
1967 photograph of the PDS Student Activities Committee

1969 letter from Director Pratt to the Student Activity Council re: female students' request to wear slacks in the classroom.

Undated photo of young men in marching band formation on back field of Peabody Demonstration School. Possibly during WW2.

c. 1960s photograph of high school students in Spanish class. Students are sitting in cubicles wearing headsets, headphones

c. 1960s photograph of students and teacher/librarian standing around a decorated table in library. Teacher is serving punch.

c.1960s photograph of lower school students at Peabody Demonstration School sitting in a circle. One student holds a cage with hamsters.

1960 Russian Club.jpg
Scan of p. 55 of the 1960 Volunteer, showing the Russian Club.

Photograph of the 1962-1963 Riding club, as seen in the 1963 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1964-1965 Young Democrats Club, as seen in the 1965 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1969 Junior High Orchestra, scanned from the 1969 Volunteer.
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