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1975 Design a USN Crest.pdf
1975 flyer distributed by PDS students in an effort to come up with a crest for the newly named University School of Nashville.

1975 Fire Patrol_011.jpg
Photograph of the 1974-1975 Fire Patrol as seen in the 1975 Volunteer.

Photograph of 1975 Madrigal Singers, taken from 1975 Volunteer.

1975 YB_177.jpg
1975 photograph of middle school students standing outside building.

1975 YB_017.jpg
1975 photograph of two female students posing with hands and feet together on the bleachers in Cheek Gym.

1975 YB_006.jpg
1975 photograph of male student behind main building taking a photograph.

1975 YB_071.jpg
1975 photograph of Dr. Edward Pratt standing at door looking outside.

1975 YB_065.jpg
1975 photograph of high school orchestra playing on stage with instructor Mr. Kirchner leading.

1975 YB_046.jpg
1975 photograph of unidentified lower school student cutting paper with scissors.

1975 YB_033.jpg
1975 photograph of senior #33 shooting the basketball
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