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Yearbook photo of the first graduating class of the University School of Nashville.

Undated photograph of two Peabody baseball players in uniform, standing and talking. One is the catcher, and one is the pitcher.

GHBoys Memphis 8_54.jpg
The Green Hill Boys on stage at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis in August 1954. According to Charlie Smith, "This was the night that the young local truck driver came to promote his new record on Sun Records called 'That's Alright, Mama.' He had…

Seventh grade PDS campers wash their laundry at the H. G. Hill Camp.

1980s Wall .jpg
Early 1980s photograph of students lingering on "The Wall" - before it was prohibited to do so.

Alan Krantz Collection014.jpg
USN class of 1981 students posed by dumpster. Photo by Alan Krantz.

Snapshot of camper in front of a barn at the H. G. Hill Camp.

Early 1990s photograph of teacher sitting outside with unnamed female student.

Alan Krantz Collection010.jpg
Photograph of students making a presentation in class with teacher looking on. Photograph by Alan Krantz ('81).
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