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1944 photograph of the Household Arts Club members, posed on the grounds of Peabody Demonstration School.

1984 Math Count State Champs.tif
Photograph of 1983-1984 MathCounts Team, winners of state championship, posing with High School Math teacher Debbie Davies with their trophies in the library.

1928-Cinema-Club .jpg
1928 photograph of the cinema club, excerpted from the 1928 Volunteer.

1945 photograph of Photographers Club, also seen in 1945 Volunteer.

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1938 photograph of the members of the Senior Hi-Y Club. As seen in the 1938 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1948-1949 C.C.C. Club, from p. 52 of the 1949 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1962-1963 Riding club, as seen in the 1963 Volunteer.

1932 Salmagundi Club.jpg
Photograph of the 1931-1932 Salmagundi Club, a high school club with an interest in promoting good literature. As seen in the 1932 Volunteer.

1974 Magic Club.jpg
Photograph of the 1973-1974 Magic Club, as seen in the 1974 Volunteer.

1944 photograph of the PDS Red Cross Detachment, First Aid Detachment No. 8, taken on steps in front of Peabody Demonstration School.
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