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Peabody College student "Bellemeade" with campers at the Peabody-owned H. G. Hill Camp.

Picture of a camp counselor nicknamed "Bellemeade" at the H. G. Hill Camp. Bellemeade was a Peabody College student.

Hill Camp counselor nick-named "Bellemeade" sits on top of a picnic table with PDS student.

Hill Camp staff and Peabody College Faculty.

Four of the camp faculty and staff. From left to right: Robert Holmes, Joy McReel, Alvin Parker, Lurlene Lowry.

Group photo with faculty and staff at H. G. Hill Camp.

Group of boys with instructors at H. G. Hill Camp. Standing instructors (left to right): Alvin Parker, Bob Holmes. Seated campers (left to right): John Hart, Moye Rutledge, Stephen Tippens, Nicholas Beauchamp, Bernie Quinn, Dick Murphy.

Group shot of boys and instructors at H. G. Hill camp in the 7th grade. Standing instructors (left to right): Alvin Parker, Robert "Leroy" Holmes. Seated students (left to right): Stephen Tippens, John Hart, Moye Rutledge, White Stokes, Scott…

Snapshot of Alvin Parker and Bee Sinks at H. G. Hill Camp.

Photograph of Gilbert Wilson, 7th grade instructor, leaning on a post with a cabin the background at H. G. Hill Camp.
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