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c. 1950s photograph of male student playing tennis on Peabody Demonstration School tennis courts (now the 21st Avenue parking lot.)

c. 1950s photograph of lower school students seated and posing with music class instruments - drums, tambourine, cymbals.

c. 1953 photograph of students sitting at table reading. Reading material appears to be related to English class.

Marshall Frazer Collection_032.jpg
Photograph of 2 male PDS students relaxing at 8th grade class party in Horn Springs in 1951.

Marshall Frazer Collection_030.jpg
Photograph of male PDS student at 8th Grade Class Party in Horn Springs, 1951

Marshall Frazer Collection_022.jpg
Photograph of students in costumes on stage at Peabody Demonstration School in 1953.

Marshall Frazer Collection_018.jpg
Photograph of male student holding a pumpkin at Peabody Demonstration School in 1949/1950.

Marshall Frazer Collection_004.jpg
Photograph of homecoming court

Marshall Frazer Collection_002.jpg
Photograph of football player kissing a young woman.

Photograph of 1954 Record & Dance club, from the 1954 Volunteer.
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