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1985 Sorcerers Scientists.jpg
Photograph of the 1984-1985 Sorcerers & Scientists Club, as seen in the 1985 Volunteer.

1976 DH Lawrence Club002.tif
Photograph of the 1975-1976 D.H. Lawrence Club, as seen in the 1976 Volunteer.

1971 Chess Club.jpg
Photograph of the 1970-1971 Chess Club, as seen in the 1971 Volunteer.

1981 Computer Club.jpg
Photo of the 1980-1981 Computer Club, as seen in the 1981 Volunteer.

1980 photograph of Dungeons & Dragons Club, as seen in 1980 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1962-1963 Riding club, as seen in the 1963 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1964-1965 Young Democrats Club, as seen in the 1965 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1976-1977 Magic club, as seen in 1977 Volunteer.

Photograph of the 1972-1973 Audio Visual Club, as seen in 1973 Volunteer.

Photograph of 1954 Record & Dance club, from the 1954 Volunteer.
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