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Yearbook photo of the first graduating class of the University School of Nashville.

Photo collage from page 65 of the 1943 Volunteer depicting scenes from the "senior trip" around Nashville.

1975 YB_018.jpg
Photograph from 1974-1975 school year, and used in the 1975 yearbook, of PDS students in class using typewriters.

1975 YB_033.jpg
1975 photograph of senior #33 shooting the basketball

1975 YB_046.jpg
1975 photograph of unidentified lower school student cutting paper with scissors.

1975 YB_065.jpg
1975 photograph of high school orchestra playing on stage with instructor Mr. Kirchner leading.

1975 YB_071.jpg
1975 photograph of Dr. Edward Pratt standing at door looking outside.

1920 Volunteer 010.jpg
Page 10 of 1920 Volunteer, showing Faculty photos

1920 Volunteer 011.jpg
1920 Volunteer, page 11 showing photos of faculty in 1919-1920 school year.

1920 Volunteer 023.jpg
Athletics page from 1920 Volunteer
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