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Alan Krantz Collection013.jpg
Candid photograph of teacher. Photo by Alan Krantz.

Alan Krantz Collection019.jpg
Photograph of teacher Connie Culpepper reading at a desk. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81)

Alan Krantz Collection028.jpg
c. 1979 photograph of 8th grade English teacher standing on her desk. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81).

Alan Krantz Collection030.jpg
c. 1979 photograph of Mrs. Dickinson leading lower school students out of PDS building. Photo by Alan Krantz ('81).

1984 Math Count State Champs.tif
Photograph of 1983-1984 MathCounts Team, winners of state championship, posing with High School Math teacher Debbie Davies with their trophies in the library.

Thomas Alexander, "Father of Peabody Demonstration School"

Dr. William Yarbrough, principal of Peabody Demonstration School from 1923-1937.

Portrait of PDS 1920-1921 faculty on steps

Dr. Beauchamp, Dr. McCharen, George Mayfield ('44) and Catherine Reed (art teacher) signing paper at a desk.

1928-29 Payroll 3.JPG
Salary schedule for the faculty at Peabody Demonstration School in the 1928-1929 school year.
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