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1925 March Volunteer Magazine.pdf
Two-page excerpt from the March 1925 issue of the Volunteer magazine, which was published monthly. Excerpt describes the dedication of the new Demonstration School building on February 19, 1925, which included a memorable speech by PDS founder,…

1926 Feast of Little Lanterns.jpg
1927 program for ninth grade glee club operetta "Feast of the Little Lanterns" which took place in the PDS auditorium and was directed by E.J. Gatwood.

1926 Feast of Little Lanterns Ticket.jpg
1927 ticket to "Feast of the Little Lanterns" play, put on in the PDS auditorium by the ninth grade glee club.

1932 photograph of students in the PDS auditorium in costume during a celebration of George Washington's birthday.

1935 photograph of lower school students on stage in the PDS auditorium performing in the annual Christmas program. Program directed by E.S. Gatwood.

1936 photograph of the annual Christmas Carol Service in the PDS auditorium.

Photograph of the 1939-1940 Student Council posed around a table on the stage of the PDS auditorium.

1940 photograph of lower School students singing on stage. The caption on the back reads "The Broadcast."

jc032 copy.jpeg
1940s photograph of all participants in "Trial By Jury."

1943 photograph of student performers in the Christmas Carol Service. Students are sitting on risers and stage in the Peabody Demonstration School auditorium.
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