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Three PDS students standing behind a table in the auditorium.

1950 black and white image of three boys singing in front of a large book in matching choir robes.

1950s photograph of students on stage at recorder recital.

Students on stage for a play or pageant - angel costumes.

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High school students creating the set for the play.

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Cast on stage for performance. Gingerbread house in the background with a boy and girl appearing dead in front with another boy laying flowers on the children. There is a witch in the background and some angels.

Students in costume on stage reenacting the pilgrim and native american thanksgiving. Photograph by B. S. Holden.

GHBoys Memphis 8_54.jpg
The Green Hill Boys on stage at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis in August 1954. According to Charlie Smith, "This was the night that the young local truck driver came to promote his new record on Sun Records called 'That's Alright, Mama.' He had…
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