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1929 Peabody Handbook.pdf
The 1929-1930 Peabody Handbook, the first student handbook created by the Cooperative Student Council.

1920 Volunteer 047.jpg
Senior Class Poem found in 1920 Volunteer

Flyer from the 1920s advertising the first football game of the season, played against Trousdale County High School. Includes signatures of football team players.

01_PDS 1st Graduating Class.jpg
Photograph of the first graduating class of Peabody Demonstration School in 1920

Dr. William Yarbrough, principal of Peabody Demonstration School from 1923-1937.

Early photograph of the completed PDS building in the 1920s.

Photograph of 1920 boys' basketball team on PDS steps

Portrait of PDS 1920-1921 faculty on steps

1928-29 Payroll 3.JPG
Salary schedule for the faculty at Peabody Demonstration School in the 1928-1929 school year.
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