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1920 Diploma.jpg
1920 diploma, from the first graduating class of Peabody Demonstration School.

1923 photograph of the class of 1923 of Peabody Demonstration School.

1925 March Volunteer Magazine.pdf
Two-page excerpt from the March 1925 issue of the Volunteer magazine, which was published monthly. Excerpt describes the dedication of the new Demonstration School building on February 19, 1925, which included a memorable speech by PDS founder,…

Photo of the 1924 Hi-Y club, from the 1924 Volunteer.

1924 Vikings_001.jpg
Photograph of the 1924 Vikings - girls athletic team - scanned from the 1924 Volunteer.

1924 Danes_001.jpg
Photo of the 1924 Danes, girls' athletic team, scanned from the 1924 Volunteer.

1920 Volunteer_035.jpg
Photograph of the 1920 boys glee club, excerpted from the 1920 Volunteer

1920 Volunteer_037.jpg
Page 37 of the 1920 Volunteer, the first annual of Peabody Demonstration School. Page lists the recognized student organizations.

1921 Girl Reserves_001.jpg
Scanned photograph of the 1921 Girls Reserves, from the 1921 Volunteer

1929 Report Card Tinsley.pdf
Report card for student Wilda Tinsley from the fall of 1929, includes a note from William Yarbrough.
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