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1930 - Peabody Col. Cat. excerpts (PDS).pdf
Excerpts from 1930 Peabody College for Teachers viewbook, providing a pictorial and textual overview of the college at the time.

1938 (Dec) - OS PDS Nursery Sch. 2.jpg
1938 photograph of three PDS nursery school students playing on playground outside.

1940 (ca) - PDS Kindergarten (Front).jpg
c. 1940 photograph of kindergarten students playing outside. Back of photo reads "Ogden Stokes, Age 5"

1950 (Feb 26) - PDS Stunt Night 01.jpg
1950 photograph of students performing on PDS stage for Peabody Stunt Night.

1950 (Feb 26) - PDS Stunt Night 02.jpg
1950 photograph of "The Tennessee Roundups" performing on the PDS stage at Stunt Night on February 26, 1950.

c. 1950s photograph of seven lower school students on stage in probably Halloween costumes. Fall decorations in background.

c. 1950s photograph of two students in the lunch line buying lunch in the PDS cafeteria.

1950s photograph of young children playing with wooden blocks and shapes.

1954 - PDS Sophmore Class 01.jpg
1954 photograph of sophomore class of PDS on roof terrace.

1955 PDS Boys Tennis Team 2.jpg
1955 photograph of boys tennis team posing with rackets on tennis court.

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