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jc029 copy.jpeg
1940s ticket for PDS performance of "Trial By Jury."

jc032 copy.jpeg
1940s photograph of all participants in "Trial By Jury."

1947 newspaper article about the Peabody Madrigalians. The group was performing Christmas carols at local hotels.

1940s autographed copy of program for the Gilbert and Sullivan musical theater night at the Peabody Demonstration School.

Newspaper announcement for the PDS performance of Gilbert and Sullivan.

jc033 copy.jpeg
1947 brochure for summer sessions at PDS

jc010 copy.jpeg
Invitation to the Peabody Demonstration School 1948 Commencement ceremony.

jc004 copy.jpeg
Second page of Christmas Carol Service program from 1946. Elementary school, junior and senior high school performers. Flute solo - Patricia Teeter. Lists all songs performed.

jc003 copy.jpeg
First page of program for the PDS Christmas Carol Service from December 13, 1946. Image of children singing. Green print.

jc021 copy.jpeg
1947 Newspaper article entitled "Robin Hood's Merry Men Help Community Chest." The article includes a photograph of Peabody Demonstration School students performing a skit as a community service fundraiser for the Community Chest at the Belle Meadeā€¦
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