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Collection of non-photograph items housed in the USN archives, highlighting the history of the school from its beginnings as Peabody Demonstration School in 1915 to the present day.

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1920s Football Flyer
Flyer from the 1920s advertising the first football game of the season, played against Trousdale County High School. Includes signatures of football team players.

1927 Ticket to "Feast of the Little Lanterns" Play
1927 ticket to "Feast of the Little Lanterns" play, put on in the PDS auditorium by the ninth grade glee club.

1927 Program for "Feast of the Little Lanterns"
1927 program for ninth grade glee club operetta "Feast of the Little Lanterns" which took place in the PDS auditorium and was directed by E.J. Gatwood.

1938-1939 School Letter Award
Letter award for orchestra presented to Carr Payne

1932 Letter From Yarbrough to Bruce Payne
1932 typed note, including signature, from William Yarbrough to Bruce Payne referencing photographs from the 1932 celebration of George Washington's birthday in the PDS auditorium. Included is a written response from Bruce Payne with initials.

Early Architectural Drawing of PDS Building
Pre-1920s architectural drawing of a new building for the Peabody Demonstration School.

1946 PDS Summer Program Brochure
1946 PDS Summer Brochure, providing a textual and pictorial outline of academic activities at PDS.

1975 Commencement Speech by Dr. Stanford Moore
Text of speech given by Dr. Stanford Moore ('31) at the PDS commencement ceremony on May 22, 1975

1979 Commencement Program
Program from the PDS commencement ceremony on June 5, 1979

1927 Peabody Demonstration School Diploma
Peabody Demonstration School graduation diploma of Margaret Elizabeth Morton (' 27), signed by Principal Yargrough and other faculty members.
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